Retained Search

Ascent Global Partners Retained Search Process:
Needs Assessment & Clarification
We meet with our clients to confirm that we understand precisely what role you’re trying to fill and the ‘ideal’ type of candidate you’d like to find. We then offer initial assessment on the best way to start the search. Once we’ve both agreed on the scope of the role and target candidate pool, we’ll help you to prepare a detailed Job Description (if necessary) to ensure the position is accurately presented to potential candidates and move forward.

Initial Market Assessment
Our consultants are Product and Industry specialists, so we’ll be able to give you a general overview of the existing candidate talent pool and/or summarize the likely targets where we’ll be able to introduce ‘wish list’ candidates. This step also helps us to know who may have already been approached and/or narrow down our focus. It also helps to properly set expectations for candidate introductions in the next steps.

Candidate Introductions (1st Stage)
We’ll begin contacting any candidates identified ‘high priority’ in the Initial Market Assessment in order to determine their current status and suitability for the role. Depending on the level of confidentiality requested by our clients, we may or may not provide the name of your firm until it is clear the candidate has expressed specific interest in the role. We’ll then introduce their profiles (as appropriate) before moving to a more thorough market mapping.

Candidate Introductions (2nd Stage)
Although our consultants are aware of many of the key players in the market, we won’t simply rely on our database and previous research. We pride ourselves in being thorough and will pull together all of the existing candidates we’ve identified in the market, as well as scouting for other top talent as well. There are always new entrants to the market and it’s impossible to know everyone’s status all of the time, so we’ll discreetly begin mapping out the teams where your next hire will likely be working now and look for other ‘outside-the-box’ candidates which may also be worth considering, before presenting a detailed market mapping and report.

Candidate Introductions (3rd Stage): Introductions & Interviewing
At this stage the highest priority candidates have been identified and we can begin formally introducing their resumes and arranging interviews. We strive to present your firm and the role in the best possible light, in order to secure the target candidates’ interest in meeting and potentially joining your team. During our interviews with the candidates, we’ll gather a thorough and concise summary of their Skills (i.e. product knowledge, customer coverage, etc); Appropriateness in terms of areas like compensation & title expectations; and the length of time it might take for them to change their job. Also, most importantly, we’ll give you an assessment of their Personality and Team fit for your team. We strive to present the facts in an unbiased and succinct manner and allow you to form your own opinions after the interview(s). This process will continue with all of the candidates through all of the rounds of interviews, until both sides are prepared to move to the offer stage.

At this point, both sides are fairly clear on what to expect if they were to move forward, so it is imperative that we help manage expectations on both sides. We’ll outline the candidate’s concerns (if any) and help you get an overall idea of what it would probably take to get him/her to move forward and accept an offer. Once everyone is confident of a positive outcome, we move to final stages of the process.

This is where AGP’s consultants are able to demonstrate their individual deal-making talents and truly earn their excellent market reputations. We help ensure that the candidate has a thorough understanding of terms of their offer letters and what it will take to complete the hiring and resignation process. We work hard to avoid any unnecessary confusion about the agreement and prepare them for the resignation process.

Once the offer letter has been signed, our consultants take extra effort to prepare candidate’s resignation and then walk them through the process and gardening leave prior to starting. We’ll also remain in close contact with your HR Department and with the candidate through their start and probation period. We don’t consider our job complete until our clients and candidates are 100% satisfied.

Retaining AGP to find your new employee is a winning process for everyone involved. Please contact us or ask your consultant directly to give you more details if you believe this will be the best for you to engage in your next search. We’ll be glad to help.