Retained search is our premier service and guarantees delivery on a search.  Retained searches are typically used when a search is :

  • Confidential – in the case of replacing an incumbent or a new business area.
  • A senior level search where the client expects the search to be conducted in a professional and timely manner with market expertise.
  • Thorough market search (competitor candidates, headcount, revenues etc)
  • A dedicated consultant, research report and market intelligence report is expected.
  • Streamlined and process driven search with regular reports.
  • New business entering Japan that doesn’t want a HR function.
Our consultants in the past have delivered on a number of retained searches and have delivered 100% of the time.  Typically a retained search costs the same amount as an exclusive or contingent.
A retained search will require an upfront fee prior to engaging on a search.  Please speak to one of our consultants for more details.


An exclusive search enables us to work for a set period of time with a client within which time we present as many relevant candidates for a search as possible.  This time is usually 4-8 weeks after which period the client is entitled to open the search up to other channels.
Exclusive does not guarantee successful completion of a search however it does show a strong commitment from our clients.  Please speak to one of our consultants for more details.


A contingent search is used in the case where a client is looking to hire a candidate on a success based agreement.  This style of search doesn’t bind our consultants to successfully completing the mandate and doesn’t typically leverage a consultants knowledge of a specific area.
In the past our consultants have filled hundreds of contingent roles.  Please speak to one of our consultants for more details.

Office build-out

This strategy is geared towards small clients who typically want to establish a business in Japan that don’t have a HR presence on the ground or are looking to expand their business in Japan.  With this type of search we typically work on an retained or exclusive basis with our clients.
Ascent Global Partners has years of experience helping clients to build their business in Japan.  Please speak to one of our consultants for more details.